IELTS Listening Test 2 – Cam 10

IELTS Listening Test

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This will test your knowledge of the IELTS Listening skills and to know where you need to improve using the same style of exam/test you are going to encounter.

IELTS Listening has 4 sections with around 40 questions and you are expected to spend 30 minutes. Stick to it as this would help you. See the tips to master your Listening skill here.

INSTRUCTION: Please, help yourself by sticking to the time and DO NOT PLAY the audio twice. You can redo the test as many time as you want. Write down your answers, type and send it using the submission section below.

Test 2 – Section 1

Play the audio and answer the questions
Cam 10 Listening test 2 section 1

Questions 5 -7
Choose the correct letters, A, B, or C.
5) What size deposit does the caller have to pay?
A 5 percent
В 30 percent
С 50 percent
6). When does the deposit have to be paid?
A Two weeks from now
В Four weeks from now
С Six weeks from now
7). How will the luggage be carried?
A By bus
В By bicycle
С By van

Questions 8—1 О
Choose THREE letters, A-F.
Which THREE things should the caller take on the tour?
A) raincoat D) water bottle
В) spare tire E) camera
С) maps F) guide boob

Test 2 – Section 2

Play the audio and answer the questions
Cam 10 Listening 2.2 Question

Questions 16-18
Complete the sentences below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.
16) Tomorrow, ___________ for adults and children will start.
17 On Wednesday, there will be a _______________
18 A _________ is planned for next weekend.

Questions 19 and 20
Answer the questions below. Choose the correct letter, A, B, or
19). How many months did it take to complete the renovation work?
A three
В nine
С twelve

20). What project is planned for next year?
A An indoor pool
В An outdoor tennis court
С An outdoor pool

Test 2 – Section 3

Play the audio and answer the questions

Question 21 – 25

Choose FIVE letters, A-I.
What FIVE things will the students do during their museum internship?

A) art conservation

В) administrative duties

С) guide tours

D) attend board meetings

E) give classes

F) research

G) write brochures

H) plan a reception

I) meet artists

Test 2 – Section 4

Play the audio and answer the questions

Questions 31—35
Choose the correct letter, A, B, or С
31) The tomato originally came from
A Mexico.
В Spain.
С Peru.

32) The original color of the tomato was
A red.
В green.
С yellow.
33) The Aztec word for tomato means
A golden apple.
В plump thing.
С small fruit.
34) In the 1500s, people in Spain and Italy
A enjoyed eating tomatoes.
В used tomatoes as ornamental plants.
С made medicine from tomatoes.
35) In the 1600s, the British
A saw tomatoes as poisonous.
В published tomato recipes.
С ate tomato sauce daily.

Questions 36—40
Complete the timeline with information about the history оf the tomato in
the United States. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

1806 Tomatoes were mentioned as food in 36____________

1809 Thomas Jefferson 37____________ at his home in Virginia.

1820 A man proved that tomatoes were not poisonous by eating them 38______________

1830s 39___________ appeared in newspapers and magazines.

1930s People began to eat 40____________

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